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Baltimore Ant Control

What kind of ants are in Baltimore

If you live in Baltimore and are noticing ants in or around your property, it’s likely one of the following common species: Carpenter Ants, Odorous House Ants, Acrobat Ants, Pavement Ants, and Thief Ants. Acrobat ants get their cool name from their ability to raise their abdomens over their heads, while Carpenter Ants can damage wood structures with their nests. Odorous House Ants are identified by the strong odor they emit when crushed, and Pavement Ants often nest underneath pavement or concrete. Thief Ants get their name from their tendency to steal food from other ant colonies. If you’re looking for pest control services in Baltimore, Queen “B” Pest Control offers ant control solutions specifically tailored to these local species. Don’t let these pesky invaders ruin your summer barbecue – call Queen “B” today!

Signs that you have an ant infestation

Have you been noticing small, progressively larger lines of ants marching across your kitchen counter? Are little piles of sawdust popping up around your house, particularly near sources of food or water? Congratulations, you may have an ant infestation! These persistent pests can find their way into even the tidiest of homes, and they tend to stick around until they’ve devoured every crumb in sight. Other signs include spotting winged ants (these are reproductive ants looking for a mate), discovering ant nests inside furniture or walls, and noticing an increase in the ant population over time. Don’t worry – we can take care of removing these pesky intruders. In the meantime, make sure to keep a close eye on food storage and clean up any spills immediately. Until then, happy (ant-free) living!

Baltimore Ant Control Service

Are you tired of uninvited guests taking over your outdoor BBQ parties? Queen “B” Pest Control, the best in Baltimore ant control, is here to save the day! Say goodbye to pesky ants invading your kitchen and hello to enjoying picnics in the park once again. Our team of licensed professionals offers complete ant extermination services for both residential and commercial properties throughout Maryland. Don’t let those little critters ruin your summer fun – give Queen “B” a call today for all your Baltimore ant control needs. Trust us, it’s better than calling an exterminator. Queen B for the win!

Carpenter Ant Treatment in Baltimore, Maryland

If you live in Baltimore and have noticed unusually large ants invading your home, chances are you may have a carpenter ant infestation. Queen “B” Pest Services offers effective treatment for these pesky critters. Known for their wood-damaging habits, carpenter ants excavate tunnels and nests within the structural wood of homes and buildings. Our trained technicians will inspect your property to determine the extent of the carpenter ants infestation and create a customized treatment plan to eliminate these harmful insects. Don’t wait until it’s too late – call Queen “B” Pest Control for your carpenter ant control needs in Baltimore, Maryland.

Can Carpenter Ants Really Eat My Baltimore Home?

Yes and no. They do not consume the wood, but they will hollow it out to build their nests. This can cause extensive damage over time and even make your home structurally unsound. If you think you may have a carpenter ant problem, call Queen “B” Pest Services for consultation. We’ll send one of our certified technicians to evaluate the situation and recommend the best course of action for your particular infestation. Don’t let carpenter ants eat away at your Baltimore home – call Queen “B” today!

Odorous House Ant Control

Odorous house ants are a type of small black ant that is commonly found in homes throughout Baltimore. These pests get their name from the strong, coconut-like odor they emit when crushed. We are not talking about a good coconut either, think of a rotten coconut. Although they are not considered to be harmful to humans, other than spreading bacteria when walking over your counters, odorous house ants can be a nuisance as they often invade kitchens and bathrooms in search of food and water.

Acrobat Ants in Baltimore

Then there are the Crematogaster, more commonly called the acrobat ant, the Saint Valentine ant, or even the cocktail ant, and they get their name from their ability to raise their abdomens over their heads, which is a form of communication used to scare away predators. These small black or brown ants are commonly found in trees and shrubs around homes in Baltimore. Acrobat ants can actually strip the insulation from electrical wires causing shorts, and possibly fires.

Pavement Ant Control

Pavement ants are another small black ant found in Baltimore that commonly invades homes in search of food. They get their obvious name from the fact they are often found in cracks in the pavement, but they will also build nests under slabs of concrete, in walls, and even in insulation. These pests are a nuisance as they often invade kitchens and bathrooms in search of food and water.

Thief Ant Control in Baltimore, MD

Thief ants are one of the smallest types of ants around, they are small yellow or light brown ant that is commonly found in homes throughout Baltimore. Thief ants also have an obvious background from where they get their name from. They have a habit of nesting close to other ants’ nests and stealing food. Thief ant colonies are smaller than other ant colonies but can have many queens and several thousand workers. Although thief ants may look somewhat similar to pharaoh ants at first glance, there are several key differences between the two species. Thief ants have earned their nickname from their love of sugary sweets – they’re often referred to as “sugar ants.” You can find these pests throughout Baltimore. Let us take care of these sweet tooth sugar feeding ants for you.

Are there fire ants in Baltimore?

Fire ants are not commonly found in Baltimore. However, if you think you may have fire ants, it is important to call a professional Baltimore pest control company like Queen “B” as soon as possible. Fire ants are very aggressive and can cause serious harm to humans and animals if they are disturbed. If you think you have fire ants, don’t try to remove them yourself, call Queen “B” and we will take care of the problem for you. The imported fire ant is not native to this area and should be treated right away to stop the spread of these painful little ants.

Preventing future ant infestations with a regular Baltimore pest control treatment

Let Queen “B” Pest Control help you declare war on those pesky ants and prevent future infestations. Regular treatment with Queen “B” can eliminate current ant populations and create a barrier to prevent new ones from entering your home or business. Don’t spend your time trying DIY solutions or ineffective store-bought sprays, trust the professionals at Queen “B” to do the job right. So why wait? Give Queen “B” a call, and let us handle those pesky ant problems for good. And remember, Queen “B” isn’t just for ants – we also offer pest control services for rodents, spiders, and more. Say goodbye to unwanted critters, and hello to Queen “B.”

Can’t I just put out some ant bait, or lots of ant baits, and call it a day?

It is not that easy, unfortunately. Different species of ants prefer different types of food. So, you would need to put out several different types of bait and even then, there is no guarantee the ants will find it or that it will work. Also, baits can take a few days to work and during that time, the ants could do a lot of damage. The best way to get rid of ants is to call a professional Baltimore pest control company like Queen “B” which can identify the type of ant and the proper treatment method.

If you have ants in your house, don’t fret! There are many different types of ants and therefore, many different ways to get rid of them. However, we recommend that you call Queen “B” Pest Services for all your ant-removal needs. We are professionals and will make sure that your infestation is taken care of quickly, efficiently, and most importantly, permanently. Call us today to set up an appointment!