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Rat Control Baltimore Maryland

For rat control in Baltimore, you need Queen “B” Pest Services. We provide effective rat removal and exclusion services to manage these pests. Rats can be destructive to your property, eating wires and plumbing, and can even start a fire in your Baltimore Maryland home. Beyond that, these pests also carry disease. Don’t take chances with your family’s health, call Queen “B” Pest Services today for effective rat control in Baltimore Maryland.

The different types of rats you may find in Baltimore

The most common rats we have in North America are the Roof Rat and Norway Rat, but thankfully in Baltimore we only have to deal with the Norway Rats. They are both destructive, and both carry diseases such as the Hantavirus, Leptospirosis, Salmonellosis, and several others. If you see rats on your property, it’s important to take action right away.

Does Baltimore, Maryland have Roof Rats?

Thankfully not, roof rats can not survive well in Baltimore, but I will tell you a little more about them. Roof rats are black or dark brown, and have a long tail that is shorter than their body length. They get their name because they like to live in high places, such as in trees, attics, and roofs. These rats live about a year and grow to well over a foot long including their tail. Their gestational period is only a little over 3 weeks, so they reproduce quickly. Some people also call the roof rat a black rat, but thankfully they are not a problem in Baltimore, Maryland.

What is a Norway Rat?

When you think of a rat in Baltimore, you are thinking about a Norway Rat. Norway rats are brown or gray, but their tail is typically just a little shorter than their body. These rats get to be almost double the weight of the roof rat. A Norway rat can get up to over a pound in size. They tend to live at ground level, in basements, crawl spaces, and sewers. Just like the roof rats, these have other names, such as the common rat, water rat, sewer rat, and street rat to name a few. Again, no matter what you call it, don’t let it become a pest in your home or business. So while we do not have to worry about roof rats, in exchange, we get the huge Norway rats.

How do rats get into my Baltimore home?

Rats are good climbers and can squeeze through tiny spaces. A rat only needs a small opening, and once they are inside and comfortable, it will grow in population. Since their gestational period is only a few weeks, you can see how you can go from a couple of rats getting into your home, to a major rat infestation quickly.

How to identify a rat infestation

In the early days of your infestation, you have to search really hard. That is where our Baltimore Rat Control Expert comes in. They will search for any openings, along with any potential nesting sites, and food sources that the rats may have found on your property. Once they find these things, they will put a plan of action together to manage these rats and keep them out of your home or business.

How do I get rid of rats?

The best way to get rid of rats is to call in a professional. At Queen “B” Pest Services, we understand rats, and we will put a plan together to not only get rid of your current rat problem but also put measures in place to keep them from coming back. We offer a wide variety of services such as:

-Home Inspections

-Exclusion Services

-Attic and Crawlspace Cleanouts

-And more

Don’t wait until it’s too late, and your rat problem has gotten out of control. Call Queen “B” Pest Services today for all your Baltimore Rat Control needs.

What damage rats can do to your home and property

More than you really want to imagine, but since you asked, they can actually burn your house down. Yes, rodents such as rats and mice like to chew on wires. This can create a fire hazard in your home or business. In addition to that, they will also tear up insulation to build their nests, which can lead to higher energy bills. And if that wasn’t bad enough, these pests will also contaminate your food and spread disease.

Why rats are such a problem in Baltimore

Baltimore Maryland has one of the highest rates of abandoned properties. I am sure you’ve seen it on the news. These abandoned properties provide the perfect environment for a rat to build its nest and live undisturbed. Then as their population grows, so does their hunger and thirst, so they search for more. This is where the find that little hole to get into your home, and start a new one.

How Queen “B” Pest Services can help you get rid of rats

First, the most important is learning how to identify if you have a rat problem. We will come out and do a complete inspection of your home or business, both inside and out. Once we have found the problem areas, we will put together a plan of action to manage the rats and keep them from coming back. We can provide a Baltimore rat exclusion service to discover how they are getting in, and seal those holes up. We can also trap, as well as bait when needed to get the rats off of your property.

What happens during a rat exclusion service

Our rat exterminator will think like a rat. Searching for any and all openings that a rat can get into your home. These areas will be sealed to keep the rats from getting back in.

In addition, we will also remove any existing rats and clean up any droppings or nesting material, and of course, seal up any holes leading into your home. Our rat expert will also think like a hungry and thirsty rat, and find any food or water sources that they may have found on your property. These will be removed if possible, and the area will be cleaned to make it less appealing to rats.

Once we have put all these measures in place, we will put together a maintenance plan to keep rats from being a problem in the future.