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In Towson, MD, we provide pest control for ants, spiders, roaches, bedbugs, mosquitoes, mice, and other harmful pests. Our professional Towson pest control services are designed to eliminate the factors that cause bugs and rodents to come into your home rather than just spraying chemicals everywhere. As a result, we get rid of the problem while keeping your family safe.

We cover all pest control problems both indoors and outdoors. In addition, we provide treatment for any pests that come into your home with the ultimate goal of eliminating the pests permanently.

Towson was founded in 1752 by William and Thomas Towson, two Pennsylvania brothers who began farming an area of Sater's Hill northeast of the current York and Joppa Roads. The community is situated just north of Baltimore within the Beltway (I-695), east of I-83, and York Road.

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Areas of Towson that we provide Pest Control Service

We service all Towson neighborhoods, including Eudowood, Loch Raven, Idlewylde, Ruxton, Riderwood, Woodbrook, and Wiltondale. The zip codes of Towson, Maryland, that we service are 21286, 21204, 21252, 21212. If you live outside of this region but are still in the Baltimore area, please do not hesitate to call; we also provide pest control to the greater Baltimore area!

Better Business bureau ® 5 star rated pest control company
Queen "B" Pest Services is a 5 star rated pest control company with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Our pest management experts are educated and certified to give you effective and inexpensive methods to get rid of pests. When you experience our skilled service, you'll understand why we're well regarded among other pest control companies. We also have the highest customer satisfaction ratings, with a 5-star overall rating! So call Queen "B" Pest Control in Towson, Maryland, for the best pest control!

Residential Pest Control Services in Towson, Maryland

When you have pest problems in your Towson home, you need to take action. This is where we come in. We get rid of your pest problems with minimal chemical use and maximum results using the Integrated Pest Management approach. We will create the best custom solution that works most suitable for your home. We are well trained with an incredible amount of experience to deal with any pest problems, and we work fast to get rid of pests. In addition, we provide free consultations for our residential pest control services.

Is Your Home Infested with Pests?

We use various pest control techniques to offer you the best protection against any form of infestation. Every house and situation is unique, so we know that one size does not fit all.

Each area in your home has its own conditions and challenges when it comes to pests. We'll carefully inspect and identify any possible issues to effectively treat the source of the infestation.

We will examine every entrance to your home – windows, doors, eaves, vents – so we can seal them off quickly and neatly. This is because we want you to save as much time and energy as possible during this process. Our experts may also recommend exclusion services to remove any potential access points.

After this, our team will ensure that your home is pest-free by performing treatment services. We'll use methods that are as environmentally friendly and safe for you and your family as we can, as well as do more than kill existing pests – we'll also prevent future infestations!

Home Pest Control in Towson, Md

Your home is your castle. Where you live, it is your comfort zone. So it is no wonder that pests in these places can be stressful and destructive!

We are very pleased to provide your home with the best Towson pest control services. Our professional technicians are trained and experienced in using modern techniques to protect your home from invaders without causing any unnecessary damage. In addition, we'll work closely with you to establish a personalized treatment plan custom-made for your needs after a thorough inspection.


Our Yearly Home Pest Protection Program is your best choice for safeguarding your home from pest problems. This is our most popular service. We have expertly trained pest control technicians in Towson, Maryland, that will inspect your home and implement an Integrated Pest Management solution to eliminate the problem with minimal chemical use. This gives you year-round home protection to keep your home pest-free!


First, the most significant benefit of the program is to be pest-free! Next is minimized chemical use in your home. The third is to have a pest control company you can trust. Finally, we will save you time and money! We also offer further discounts on our other services if they are needed!

When you join the Queen "B" Pest Services' Yearly Home Pest Protection Program, you can be confident that your Towson home is free of pests. Our Pest Prevention Program is crucial in stopping pest problems before they start. Pest control is critical! The Pest Protection Program now offers termite monitoring as a *NEW* service. We use this approach to do termite inspections on your property all year long. This program also provides price savings for services that aren't covered, such as animal control, mosquito, and tick treatments.

We provide prompt and affordable pest services to ensure that we eliminate all pests in your home. In addition, we strive for excellence in our service and ensure no pests remain.

The Best Towson Integrated Pest Management Company

We aim to prevent, detect, and treat any pest issues you may have. Our professionals are skilled at utilizing integrated pest management (IPM) techniques for your protection, health, and safety indoors and outdoors. Our goal is to give you the high-quality pest control services at a reasonable price. We'll also offer you a consultation to help you understand the best things you can do to help remove any conducive conditions within your house or office.

We provide Towson residents with a wide range of pest control services for houses, apartments, and commercial properties. We utilize state-of-the-art technology to offer innovative pest control solutions that include:

IPM Consultation & Planning

This is a meeting with one of our knowledgeable and experienced pest control professionals. We will provide advice and recommendations on a service to manage your pest problems. We begin by learning where your pests come from. We then create a personalized pest treatment plan that is suited to you and focuses on the source of your infestation after figuring out where it originates.


Before any other work is performed, a thorough inspection is done to determine the extent of your pest problems. Then, our specialist will provide you with an estimate that has a comprehensive plan laid out for your approval.

Rest assured that our licensed, experienced professionals will inspect every inch of your property using modern techniques with highly trained eyes. We'll find the source of your infestations, regardless of whether it's in plain sight or hidden deep within your home.

Our professionals will examine for indications of pest activity both inside and outside the house before devising a unique treatment plan. When we inspect, we look for the following: Entrances Pest nesting sites (insects, rodents, etc.) Damaged/infested goods Potential breeding spots of the pests (food and water sources)


Next, our pest control experts will ensure that your home is 100% pest-free by performing exclusion services. We'll seal off entry points with screens, caulk, and other materials to keep out pests. We ensure that you won't have any future problems with these pests entering the home in this manner.


Pests are attracted to certain types of food and shelter, so your protection from these pests will be significantly increased by removing sources of attraction. In addition, this will make it harder for them to find a new home at your expense. Our pest control company highly recommends removing clutter inside the house and trash outside the house in Towson, MD.


The treatment is the core of our pest service. In addition to using pesticides only when needed, we use alternative pest control methods that are more environmentally friendly and cause less harm or damage to your property. While most other pest control companies will just fill their sprayer with the same chemicals over and over, we prefer to spend our time thinking of new tactics to best suit your needs. We continue offering you excellent service by keeping an open line of communication with you regarding the status and effectiveness of our treatments.


When you utilize our Yearly Home Pest Protection Program, we will schedule routine service visits to help ensure that your home remains pest-free. In addition, we will monitor your property and handle any new pest problems as they arise.

You can count on Queen "B" to provide high-quality pest control services for your protection, health, and safety both indoors and outdoors. We love helping our customers solve their pest issues!

Commercial Pest Control Services in Towson, Maryland

If you need Towson commercial pest control services for your restaurant, office, retail location, or warehouse, then we can help! We specialize in commercial pest management services and can have a pest control expert create a plan to manage your pest control needs most effectively. We offer weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and bi-monthly plans based on your Towson Commercial Pest Control Needs.

Pest control services for the following types of Towson businesses:


If you have pests in a restaurant, you better hope that you are the one that discovers it! The worse thing is looking at your reviews and finding out a customer gave you a one-star with a picture of a cockroach on their table. Make sure that doesn't happen to you by contacting us to keep your Towson restaurant pest-free. We offer restaurant pest control to keep rodents, insects, and other pests out of your restaurant.

Retail Stores

If you have a retail store in Towson, you better hope that your pest control services are working 24/7, or it could be an awful day for you. We ensure the pests don't get the best of your retail store by keeping them out and away from all types of stores such as grocery, furniture, wholesale, hardware, supply, and more!

Dr's Offices

Your Dr's Office is considered the most pest-free environment by your patients. However, pests carry all kinds of pathogens and create a considerable risk, so patients assume that you have the best pest control plan in place to keep them safe. If you don't have a pest control company handling this for you, it is time to call us!

Schools and Daycare Facilities

Good report cards are nice things that kids can bring home from school. Roaches and bed bugs are not! Ensure your Towson school or daycare facility is pest-free by having our Towson pest control experts come out and ensure your school or daycare receives a good report card on your lack of pests!

Office Buildings

Offices can be just like a second home to some. People working 12 hour days are at work more than home. That said, employees need to feel safe and comfortable at work. If you want your office building to be pest-free, you should contact our Towson pest control company, and we can help!days at the office. So it's essential that they feel safe and secure, which means having an effective pest control plan in place. Our expert pest technicians will work with you to develop a customized program to manage any pests from your office building.

Apartment Complexes
Apartments are challenging for pest control because one apartment could have a bed bug problem while the next apartment is dealing with ants. We can help you keep your Towson Apartment complex pest-free by ensuring no unit has a problem, and they ALL stay happy! As an apartment owner or apartment manager, you should know that not having a pest control solution in place can get you some unhappy tenants and bad reviews on your Towson apartment complex. So contact us today to keep everyone happy!
Hotels and Motels

As a Towson hotel owner or manager, I'm sure you have seen the news. Bed bugs in your town's hotels have been making the news quite a bit lately. Keeping your hotel pest-free should be the number one priority, and we can help you with that! Contact Queen "B" today to get things started and keep the pests out of your hotels and motels. We will work with your hotel to create the best pest control plan to keep everything under control, so you never receive a bad review due to pests!


Warehouses are trusted facilities. They are trusted to be secure, and the items in them will not be destroyed by anything, including pests. If you have rodents, insects, or spiders in your warehouse, we can help get rid of them to ensure the safety of your products. We will work with you and design a comprehensive plan to keep everything under control.

Property Management Companies

Do you manage properties? Great! Then you are probably sick of your tenants calling you for general pest control problems. Or maybe you have a pest control company that isn't doing what they said! Either way, we can help. We work with property management companies all the time to keep properties pest-free. We work with landlords and tenants to help them understand what we will be doing and all they can do to help. Then, as we identify conditions that could be increasing the pest problems, we will show what the client can do to reduce that. We do our part and teach the customer their part to ensure you no longer have any problems!for your clients? Or maybe your company itself has several locations. Either way, we can tailor a pest control plan to help manage any pest control situation in all the properties you care for! Queen "B" will develop a customized solution that fits your budget that meets and exceeds your expectations!

Shopping Centers

Your shopping center may have a mixture of stores and could also include restaurants. As a result, you need to make sure your pest control plan is designed so that it can handle different problems. We work with shopping centers to help them manage their many stores and restaurants and achieve great results for everyone involved!

Food Manufacturers

As a food manufacturer, you should be focused on making great-tasting food that is safe for the public. However, when bugs are crawling all over your equipment, it can lead to problems maintaining sanitary conditions, which could increase the risk of your product being deemed unsafe for consumption. So let us help ensure your Towson food manufacturing plant is free from pests!

Office Buildings & More

Contact Queen "B" at once to obtain a free quotation on pest control services. We've worked with a wide range of customers. We have the knowledge, equipment, and experience to manage any pests present at your company's location.quote on pest control services. We have worked with all types of businesses. We have the knowledge, equipment, and expertise to manage any pest problem you may have at your business location.

A few of the pest control problems that Queen "B" Pest Services has treatment plans for:

Towson Termite Control Service

Towson is not immune to this destructive pest. Termites can cause significant damage to your home and its structure if the problem is not detected and treated. Therefore, you must choose the professionals to provide Termite Control service. Queen "B" is a locally-owned business serving Towson. We are the most trusted Pest company in the area because we deliver results with integrity and honesty.

Bed Bug Control

These little bloodsuckers are coming back with a vengeance. It's not surprising considering the amount of traveling people do nowadays. It only takes one or two getting into your luggage at a hotel or getting into your clothes at work, and then they are everywhere! They make their way into your home and will take over fast. It starts with a bite or two, and next thing you know, you have a full-sized problem on your hands. Don't let this happen to you! Call Queen "B" today, and we will make sure you don't experience the pain of these tiny vampires.

Towson Rodent Control

Rats and mice are very commonly found in and around homes. They carry many different diseases, which makes them extremely dangerous to humans. Rodents can pass these diseases on if they live inside your home or building. You cannot afford to wait for a rodent control problem to get out of hand and result in the need for an expensive fix that could potentially damage your structure. Queen "B" can design a personalized Treatment Plan for your Towson business or home specific to the type of mouse or rat infestation you are dealing with.

Mice Control

To some, mice are simply a nuisance. Just know, they can also carry many different types of diseases that they can pass on to humans if they are living inside your home or business. If it is hard to deal with the thought of having mice in your place, imagine how bad it would be if someone in your family contracts an illness from them! Therefore, you must do something about any mice that may be living in or near your home or business. Queen "B" is your company that specializes in Mice Control, and we will design a Treatment Plan specific to your home or business's needs to make sure you are rid of these rodents for good!

Towson Md Rat Control

If you see one rat around your property, you can be assured that many more are around. Any rats found must be taken care of as soon as possible to avoid a large infestation. Queen "B" has been in business for more years than most other Towson Pest Control Companies, and we know how to provide a Rat Control service tailored to your needs, whether it is one rat or an infestation. We will create a plan to take care of your rat problem for good!

Rodent Exclusion in Towson Maryland

The most crucial step in rodent control is rodent exclusion. This is the process of searching high and low for any entry points. Once we have found where the rodents are entering the house or building, we will block up these openings so they cannot get back inside. Queen "B" can handle any level of rodent exclusions, no matter the level of infestation or the size of the property.

Wildlife Control in Towson, MD

When wildlife digs up your yard, it is a problem. When wildlife weasels its way into your home or business, it is an even bigger problem. Wildlife Control service requires the expertise of some very experienced professionals with all kinds of equipment to remove wildlife from your house or building. Queen "B" can handle any job when it comes to Wildlife Control, and we will work hard to make sure that you are presented with a Treatment Plan that gets rid of your wildlife problem for good. Some of the more common wildlife control jobs that we handle are moles, voles, groundhogs, squirrels, bats, birds, and many more!

Ant Control

These pests can be destructive and painful! Ants can get into your food, damage your property, and even ruin electrical equipment. Ants are another problem Queen "B"' Pest Control has expertise in. We have the training, knowledge, expertise, and certifications to design a treatment plan guaranteed to get rid of your ant infestation! From carpenter ants that can destroy your home to the fire ants that will cause a tremendous amount of pain when they sting you, we can handle any type of ant infestation that is a problem for you.

Bee Control

So you have noticed bees around your home and ignored it, and now you have a constant buzz sound in your kitchen. Before you wait any longer and have honey dripping from your ceiling or down your walls, you need to call Queen "B" to take care of it! Our bee control service is designed to get rid of bees, wasps, or any other winged insect that you have a problem with so you can start enjoying your home again.

Wasp, Hornet, & Yellow Jacket Control

Honeybees are one problem, but the sting of an angry wasp is another! So whether you are looking for Wasp Control or Bee Control, Queen "B" has the knowledge and expertise to eliminate this problem. We can handle any type of wasp infestation that is a problem for you, whether hunting down the nests or taking care of an active infestation that needs attention. We can resolve this dangerous pest problem fast!

Spider Control

Spiders, you do not want them around, from black widows to brown recluse spiders, we understand! Queen "B" is here to help you with your spider problem, so you have nothing to be scared of! We can provide treatment plans that will get rid of your spiders for good! So don't risk living with these dangerous arachnids; call Queen "B" today to schedule a Spider Control job!

Cockroach Control

Have you ever walked into your kitchen late at night to see a cockroach finishing your leftovers? You know that feeling when you see roaches? That will go away if you call Queen "B" to take care of your problem fast! We can design a treatment plan to eliminate your cockroach infestation for good and make sure they never come back.

Bird Control

They are lovely to admire, but when they are nesting in your eaves and making a mess of your house or business, it is time to call Queen "B"! Our bird control service will deter these pests, so you don't have to worry about them ever again. We can handle all types of bird infestations that come our way, whether pigeons or crows!

Towson Mosquito Control

Dangerous and annoying, the not-so-perfect combo mosquitoes can ruin your outdoor living space. Queen "B" will get rid of the mosquitoes in your yard so that they do not bother you ever again. We can design a treatment plan that gets rid of this pest for good and makes sure it never comes back! So enjoy your yard again; we offer a mosquito contract to come out during the active mosquito season!

A Towson Pest Control Company That Cares

The first thing you want in a Towson Pest Control Company is one that cares. Queen "B" is here to help you, and we want to make sure we find the pest problem that is plaguing your home so we can fix it for good! We understand how frustrating pest problems can be, and our family-owned business wants to provide quick and efficient service.

When you call Queen "B" Pest Control Company, you will speak with a live person that is knowledgeable and can schedule your service right away. We understand you need to take care of this pest infestation fast, so we are here to help you! You can also ensure that our services are done right the first time with us. Each of our technicians has an extensive background in the pest control industry and is trained to resolve any type of pest infestation.

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Our Towson Md Pest Control business History

Yudy Brody of Queen "B" has worked in the Towson and Baltimore areas for almost 30 years, dealing with insect problems all around Baltimore, Maryland.

Yudy began Queen "B" Pest Services to continue his family's legacy. His parents created their own Baltimore pest control company in 1984! Call or send a message to Queen "B" to learn more about how we can assist you with your pests! We employ only the most effective strategies and treatment plans to keep homes and local businesses free of pests.

Queen "B" Pest Control is here to help you with any of your pest problems! We are professionally experienced and want nothing more than to assist you no matter your need.

About Us

Covid-19 has caused tremendous damage. We are and will continue to do everything possible to keep everybody safe during this traumatic time. This includes our clients and employees. Given that insect infestations might lead to additional health problems or aggravate existing ones, it's easy to see why pest control is considered a vital service.

We are one of Towson, Maryland's biggest pest control companies, and we're committed to ensuring that people's houses and businesses are free of pests. As a result, we will continue to ensure that our pest management professionals are healthy before visiting your home. If you can, please inform us that you're sick ahead of time. We'll be very appreciative that you are looking out for us and can reschedule your appointment after you are well.

Pest Control During Covid

Covid-19 has caused tremendous damage. We are and will continue to do everything possible to keep everybody safe during this traumatic time. This includes our clients and employees. Given that insect infestations might lead to additional health problems or aggravate existing ones, it's easy to see why pest control is considered a vital service.

We are one of Towson, Maryland's biggest pest control companies, and we're committed to ensuring that people's houses and businesses are free of pests. As a result, we will continue to ensure that our pest management professionals are healthy before visiting your home. If you can, please inform us that you're sick ahead of time. We'll be very appreciative that you are looking out for us and can reschedule your appointment after you are well.