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A US health official has recently stated that there is a likelihood that the country will see an outbreak of the Zika virus, given that the mosquito that carries this disease is currently known to be present in 30 states. Some others say that it's not really that likely, while others say it's all up in the air and we can't really know for sure.

Regardless of whether or not a Zika infection case comes from inside US borders, there's no question that the Zika virus is a grave threat that needs to be addressed and that we must do our due diligence to read up on this disease that has recently been on a rampage in the Americas.


In adults, the most common symptoms include a fever, mild headaches or migraines, a rash, conjucrivitis, joint pains, and even back pain. No death has been credited to the Zika virus itself so far, so it's really not fatal. Sometimes, the symptoms can go away with adequate rests and lots of fluids.

Where the Zika virus does become a big cause for concern is when pregnant mothers are infected. The mothers can transmit the virus to the fetus, and it has now been confirmed that the virus causes microcephaly as well as some other brain abnormalities in the newborn babies.

What makes things worse is that there's no vaccine or treatment for Zika virus infections at the moment. A bunch of groups and entities are already trying to come up with a vaccine, but none of them have a product that has even reached the trial stage so we can't really expect that vaccine to emerge soon.


Being able to thwart the threat of the Zika virus entails a healthy dose of mosquito prevention. If there are no mosquitoes, then there won't be any mosquito bites, and thus no spreading of the virus.

Getting rid of mosquitoes starts with getting rid of standing water within an area. A thorough inspection of the premises is needed, so that areas that can trap water will be identified and remedied. Make sure containers storing water are properly covered and that you regularly change the water if the contents go unused. Make sure sewage is flowing properly and that the surroundings are clean.

For another layer of protection, do check out what insect repellents are available in your area. Look for EPA-registered ones in order to ensure reliability, effectiveness, and safety especially for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

There are no local outbreaks yet within the borders of the United States of America, and hopefully there will be none. There isn't any significant cause for concern, but at least we now know the dangers posed by the Zika virus. With a better understanding of what this infection is and what it does, people and the relevant authorities will be more prepared and able to respond faster on the off-chance that the Zika virus does enter the US.