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The source for all of your commercial pest control needs in Baltimore is Queen "B" Pest Services. We offer an extensive range of commercial pest services and regularly scheduled treatment plans that can be tailored to suit your needs. We have the best Baltimore Exterminators on hand, and our experts will protect you and your company from pests.

Queen B Pest Services can provide top-notch, efficient pest control at an affordable price to businesses. We are family-owned & operated right here in Baltimore, Maryland, so you know we will do your job right. We have decades of experience and have hired and trained the best pest experts in the industry.

We offer Commercial Contracts

In your commercial facility, you need consistency, you need to know that your business maintains a pest free environment, and we offer the best commercial contracts for that! We can set your business up for:

  • Weekly
  • Bi-weekly
  • Monthly
  • Bi-monthly

We will work with you to find what your Baltimore Pest Control business needs are and create the perfect commercial contract to make sure you get exactly what you need!

Queen "B" offers a wide range of pest control services, including:

- Pest inspection (to determine the severity of your pest infestation)

- Commercial pest management solutions - Our technicians can provide solutions to help you eliminate the pests in your commercial property or business. You'll also receive information on how to maintain a healthy environment for yourself and your employees and prevent future infestations from happening.

We offer a wide variety of commercial pest control services, including:

- Pest prevention

- Pesticides and repellents for all types of pests

- Termite extermination

- Rodent control

- Bed bug treatments

We know your pest problem is important to you, so our team will work with you every step of the way.

Facilities We Service

Queen "B" provides commercial pest management services to businesses in Baltimore, MD. We serve the following facilities:

- Office buildings

- Factories

- Warehouses

- Retail stores and shopping centers

- Schools and universities

- Restaurants and more!

Office Building Pest Control Service

We provide services for office buildings. Our team of pest professionals will work with you to keep your building free from pests. We have a variety of pesticide treatments, bait stations, exclusion services, and preventative traps. We will place them in the areas around your business that can help deter unwanted guests from showing up at your front door.

Pest Control for Retail Stores

Retail stores and shopping centers should always try to attract new customers and keep their current ones. Therefore, we offer Pest Management for retail facilities to help them take care of any pest problems. This service will give you a great peace of mind knowing we'll take care of your store's specific needs as quickly as possible.

Grocery Stores

The last thing your shopper wants to see is pests inside their favorite grocery store. So Queen "B" offers commercial pest control services for grocery stores so they can avoid having unhappy customers and running the risk of losing business.

Warehouse Pest Control

A warehouse is where various items are stored, and it's imperative to keep pests out. Since these buildings often contain food, clothing, and other supplies, they must remain pest-free to work confidently, knowing their workplace is safe. Queen "B" offers inspection and eradication services for warehouses as well as preventative measures. The preventive measures include exclusion services, sealing entry points, trapping, and more to protect your warehouse from pest issues. In addition, we have a pest control plan for every type of warehouse!

Pest Control for Industrial Facilities
We know that a single pest sighting or a more severe infestation can be harmful, so we have the pest expertise to help you eliminate the problem quickly! In addition, our team knows what it takes to safely remove pests from your facility without damaging the structure of your building.
Pest Control for Healthcare
Queen "B" provides the Baltimore, Maryland area healthcare industry with the best commercial pest control services. This includes Dr's offices, minor care clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, labs, and more. This ensures that their patients are safe, healthy, and comfortable when they're visiting the healthcare facility. In addition, with this type of service, you can avoid having unhappy customers who could leave negative reviews about pests at your business.
Pest Control for Schools
Schools, large & small, public & private, all have challenges in pest control. Kids can accidentally bring in pests on their clothing, backpacks, or even their shoes. We incorporate regular treatments into the school's routine, not disrupting your students' day-to-day lives. Our pest control solutions will have everyone happy!
Pest Control for the Hotel Industry
We all know, bed bugs are a severe problem at hotels today. Many guests will first search their room for bed bugs and other unwanted pests before they get comfortable. Queen "B" goes above and beyond all other companies to ensure we meet your expectations and keep your guests safe and sound. So stay a step ahead and schedule today to keep your Baltimore, Maryland hotel pest-free!
Pest Control for Food Processing Facilities

Food processing facilities and other businesses that provide food items for their customers to purchase should always be striving to meet high standards. Queen "B" provides the best commercial pest control services for food processing facilities. This service is performed so you can produce quality products without worrying about pests showing up in your facility.

Pest Control for Restaurants

Restaurants have one of the highest risks of pest problems compared to almost all other industries. When left untreated, pests can get into the food supply and cause serious harm to customers, plus a severe risk to the restaurants' reputation. Queen "B" provides pest control services for restaurants that offer more than just exterminator service. We also perform an inspection regularly for signs of infestation or damage so you can get effective solutions fast!

Property Management Pest Control

For several decades, Queen "B" has been providing commercial pest control services for property managers, landlords, and realtors in Baltimore, Maryland. Our industry-leading inspections and treatments will help keep your tenants happy and healthy for the long term, which means less turnover and more satisfied tenants. Plus, our regular preventative pest control services are cost-effective compared to other pest control companies that may only provide a "one-off" service. A typical treatment plan like this virtually eliminates the risk of pest control problems. It even saves properties from potential structural damage from termites as well. So contact us today ASAP for your free quote and get on the schedule!

We give tenants and landlords the educational steps to take to get rid of their pest control problem and prevent pest problems from the beginning. We don't believe we should just patch it with chemicals. We find the root cause for why the pest problem exists. That way, we can give tenants and landlords a more efficient long-term solution to keep their properties pest-free.

Commercial Pest Control Infestations

When pests get a foothold in a commercial property, it can be difficult, if not almost impossible, to get rid of them without the help of a professional pest control company. Queen "B" has decades of experience in commercial pest control for virtually every type of business. We have extensive knowledge about pests and how they spread, so we'll know just what to look out for at your facility inspection before we treat it. Do not risk getting your business shut down due to a lack of pest service. Contact Queen "B" now for a free quote and let our pest experts provide your pest control needs and protect your Baltimore, Md business!

Signs of a commercial pest control infestation

You should contact us right away with the first signs of infestations. These signs might include:

• You see pests in the building, like cockroaches or rodents.

• Your employees are complaining of bug bites after working at their desks.

• Employees complain that insects or rodents keep showing up.

• Customers complain about pests in bathrooms or on products offered for sale.

• There are signs of rodent droppings found on equipment or around fridges and freezers.

• Your employees are complaining about bugs in the office.

Your employees' health is essential to you, which means your business cannot afford to have pests of any kind on the property. Queen "B" provides commercial pest control solutions for all companies. So you can be sure that unwanted pests do not pose a threat to your staff or customers!

Common Commercial Pests in Baltimore, Md

There are many common commercial pests in Baltimore, Md. Here are the most common:


These tiny pests can quickly infest a business and create a big problem.


You might think storing your food properly will help prevent cockroaches, but it only takes one mishandled piece of trash to create a stronghold for these pests.


Wasps can cause terror and pain when aggravated. So the last thing that you want in your business is an aggravated wasp nest!


These hitchhikers can invade your business with great speed, so it is crucial to catch them early before an infestation occurs. Queen "B" offers comprehensive bed bug treatment and prevention programs to keep your business safe from these harmful pests.


Termites quite often go undetected until significant damage has occurred. So it's essential to work with a pest control company that can give your business peace of mind by preventing these pests.


Rodents like mice and rats can harm your business as they bring dirt, germs, allergies and spread other diseases.

Wild Animals

Wild animals like moles, voles, groundhogs, possums, raccoons, and birds can do significant damage to your property.

Why should I choose Queen "B" Pest Services over other pest control companies?

Queen "B" is a 5 Star rated pest control company by the Better Business Bureau. We have been serving the area for almost 30 years. We have a great team of highly trained, knowledgeable technicians who will go to work quickly, resolving your pest problems to leave your facility free of pests.

We put customers first. Our commercial pest control service not only provides superior quality service, but we also ensure the safety of your staff and clients. We work hard to maintain the top commercial exterminator company in Baltimore, Maryland, so you can always expect reliable results with us!